Factors affecting the stable operation of automatic screw feeder

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      In recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic production levels and technology, automated and intelligent production concepts have also developed rapidly in enterprises and markets. As an important part of enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, the development of automatic screw feeder has become increasingly important to the field of production and assembly.

      The automatic screw feeder is a device that can perform locking operations. The use of the automatic screw feeder can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprise products, and can also greatly reduce enterprise costs. If you want to improve the efficiency as much as possible, you must ensure the operational stability of the automatic screw feeder. Only when the screw machine has very good stability can the efficiency be better improved.

      Automatic screw feeder

      Below, the automatic screw feeder supplier will tell you about the six major factors that affect the stability of the automatic screw feeder

      1. The screws in the feeder must ensure that their quality is reliable. Mixed materials, foreign matter, scratches, etc. must not appear, otherwise it will directly affect the normal operation of the screw machine.

      2. The selected screws should be regular screws and the screws should be of the same size, which can improve the efficiency of the locking process.

      3. During the locking operation, it is recommended to use screws of one size for the locking operation. If the screws are not the same, there will be space and the quality of the locking will not be satisfactory.

      4. Carry out maintenance and upkeep on the automatic screw feeder's feeding system on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation of the feeding system. It is recommended to regularly add an appropriate amount of grease to the moving parts; regularly clean the outer surface of the chassis;

      5. If the machine is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug from the socket.

      6. When the silo is short of material, the correct way to add screws is to turn off the power first, and then turn on the power switch after adding the screws. Do not pour screws into the silo while the machine is running to avoid causing machine malfunction.

      In the actual operation and locking process, we only need to remember the above six factors to ensure that the automatic screw feeder can operate normally, and it can also ensure the production efficiency and progress of the enterprise.


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