Are Polyester Fiber the same as chiffon fabric

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      Polyester Fiber is not chiffon fabric, the two are different because they have essential differences. In general, there are two kinds of chiffon: silk and imitation silk, among which silk uses various kinds of silk, and imitation silk does use Polyester Fiber, so the Polyester Fiber in imitation silk chiffon is very similar to that in chiffon, but silk chiffon is completely different from the Polyester Fiber. In addition to the differences in raw materials, there are also some differences in their characteristics. For example, chiffon is usually a plain weave, while Polyester Fiber can be twill or plain weave.

      Polyester Fiber is different from chiffon fabric

      Different raw materials: Polyester Fiber, commonly known as polyester, is a chemical synthetic fiber, which is a mainstream material at present. There are two raw materials of chiffon: one is silk and the other is Polyester Fiber, so Polyester Fiber is indeed used in chiffon raw materials to simulate silk, but not all of them are made from this raw material.

      Different structure: Polyester Fiber can be made of plain or twill texture, with more ways of interweaving and flexible warp and weft density. The structure of chiffon is generally flat, and its warp and weft density will be relatively small, so the feel will be very good, and it will be quite beautiful.

      Different features: Polyester Fiber is characterized by non-ball resistance, less static electricity, more comfortable, very breathable, skin-friendly, etc. It is a very useful and excellent chemical fiber fabric. Chiffon is light, breathable, smooth, feels very soft and smooth, drape will be very good, very beautiful.


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