Zhejiang Hongfeng Precision Co., Ltd.: China OEM/ODM home appliance manufacturer

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      Zhejiang Hongfeng Precision Co., Ltd, as a China OEM/ODM home appliance manufacturer, our product lines cover soda maker, blender, knife sharpener, contact grill and crepe maker, etc. Our innovative products and excellent manufacturing capabilities are well-known in the industry.

      Soda maker is one of our flagship products

      The soda maker uses advanced technology to make soda making easier and more efficient. Push a button and the machine does the rest. This intelligent operation method not only saves customers' time and energy, but also ensures that the soda water making process is safer and more hygienic. The innovative design of the soda maker makes the soda water rich in taste. Through precise control and adjustment, the machine is able to release the appropriate amount of carbon dioxide bubbles during the production process, giving the soda water a delicate bubble feel and a refreshing taste. Whether as soda alone or paired with juices, drinks or cocktails, the soda maker brings users a delightful beverage experience.

      In addition to making soda, the machine can also be used to make other drinks. This versatility makes the soda maker ideal for family gatherings, business events and catering venues. Whether enjoying homemade sparkling water at home or providing a variety of beverage options in commercial settings, this maker can meet the needs of users.

      In addition to soda maker, we also produce other home appliances

      The blender is an indispensable tool in the modern kitchen. It can easily stir, smash and mix various ingredients, adding convenience and fun to your cooking experience. Our blender is exquisitely designed and easy to operate, and it has multiple functions, such as stirring, beating, whipping protein and making juice. Whether you want to make delicious juices, shakes or dough, our blender has you covered.

      The knife sharpener is another practical home appliance product from our company. In daily life, the maintenance and care of knives is crucial, and knife sharpener can help you keep your knives sharp easily. Our knife sharpener uses advanced sharpening technology and can be used on different types of knives, including kitchen knives, scissors and dull blades. By using a knife sharpener regularly, you can extend the life of your knives while ensuring their safety in cooking and everyday use.

      We also provide cooking equipment such as contact grills and crepe makers to add more possibilities to your cooking pleasure. The contact grill uses advanced heating technology to heat ingredients evenly, making cooking faster and more convenient. Whether it's toasted bread, grilled vegetables or grilled meats, the contact grill can help you prepare delicious meals with ease.

      The crepe maker makes crispy, delicious crepes by spreading the batter evenly on the hot plate.

      Hongfeng home appliances are carefully designed and rigorously tested, with guaranteed quality and performance, bringing more convenience, fun and deliciousness to your home life.



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