Causes and solutions for eraser hardening

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      The eraser is one of the common stationery items in our daily life. It has the function of erasing pencils, charcoals, and other drawing tools. However, sometimes we find that the eraser becomes hard and not effective when used. This not only affects the erasing effect but also reduces the life of the eraser. This article will delve into the causes of eraser hardening and suggest effective solutions.


      1. Reasons for hardening of eraser

      Erasers are usually made from natural or artificial rubber, and they can change and become hard for a few reasons:

      Oxidation: If an eraser is left out in the air for a long time, the rubber in it reacts with oxygen, making it hard.

      Heat: When it's hot, the rubber in the eraser can start to lose its stretchiness and become stiff.

      Sunlight: Sunlight can also damage the rubber in the eraser, making it brittle and hard.

      Quality: If the rubber used in the eraser isn't good quality, it might not last as long or stay soft.

      Additives: Sometimes, chemicals added to improve the eraser's performance can change over time, making the eraser hard

      2. The impact of eraser hardening

      Once the eraser hardens, its physical properties will change significantly, mainly in the following aspects:

      Reduced erasing effect: A hardened eraser cannot effectively remove pencil marks and easily leaves residue.

      Difficulty in use: The hardened eraser becomes fragile and easily broken, causing unnecessary trouble when using it.

      Shortened service life: Due to hardening and brittleness, the service life of the eraser is greatly shortened, increasing the economic burden on the user.

      3. Methods to solve the hardening of eraser

      To prevent erasers from getting hard, here are some easy steps you can follow:

      Store them right: Keep your erasers in a dry, airy place away from sunlight and heat. This helps prevent them from getting stiff due to oxidation or heat. You can store them in a closed box or bag to keep them safe from moisture and other environmental factors.

      Use a case: Put your eraser in a protective case to shield it from sunlight and dust, which can make it hard.


      Pick good ones: When buying erasers, choose ones from trusted brands with good reviews to ensure they're made from quality materials that won't harden quickly.

      Change regularly: Even if you take good care of them, erasers will still harden over time. So, it's a good idea to replace them regularly with new ones.

      Soften them up: If your eraser has already hardened, you can try gently wiping it with a damp cloth and then letting it air dry in a cool place. This might help restore some of its softness.

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      As a little helper in our daily life, the hardening problem of eraser cannot be ignored. By understanding the reasons for the hardening of the eraser, we can take corresponding preventive and solution measures to extend the service life of the eraser and maintain its best erasing effect. Let us go hand in hand with the eraser more smoothly on the road of writing and drawing.


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