Beer production line turnkey brewing system solutions

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      Saccharification system

      The saccharification system is the key to brewing beer. We all know that the process of saccharification is inseparable from the "saccharification filter boiling vortex", so the combination of saccharification system is evolved according to these four steps, that is, the four steps are completed by several cans. These are called two cans of disaccharide and three cans of trisaccharide. Each function is performed by a canister, called tetraceusis. The hot water tank is a kind of auxiliary equipment. Therefore, the choice of several saccharifying machines will affect the yield and processing speed. If you need to work 24 hours non-stop, it is recommended to choose at least four or more saccharifying machines.

      Fermentation system

      The fermenter ferments the cooled wort through yeast, which converts the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The number of fermenters is determined according to the daily output. The fermenter is a cylindrical structure with a conical bottom to facilitate the precipitation of yeast. Miller plate or coil jacket outside, inside medium glycol or alcohol, used to cool the tank, more conducive to yeast fermentation. With insulation function, the outermost shell, shell material can be 304 stainless steel or carbon steel.

      Cooling system

      Cooling system The main function of the cooling system is to provide a cold source for the cooling and fermentation of the wort after the swirl settlement. Main equipment components: ice water tank (add 30% of the volume of the tank ethylene glycol or edible alcohol to ensure that it does not freeze at -6?), cold water tank (large equipment and multi-batch brewing should be equipped, small equipment cannot be used) and refrigerator.

      Cleaning system

      CIP system Breweries generally clean and disinfect equipment using CIP, which is the process of cleaning and disinfecting equipment in a closed environment without disassembling equipment components or fittings. The larger the device, the higher the requirements for device cleaning. CIP equipment is configured according to equipment size and requirements.

      The above configuration of turnkey brewing system solution is for reference only. If you are interested in brewing beer, please feel free to talk with us and we will design a reasonable plan according to your requirements.


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